velvetcrush: beautyface (conversation)
Kousaki Kaori ([personal profile] velvetcrush) wrote in [personal profile] pinksunbeam 2013-04-09 01:49 am (UTC)

Some people don't like bright colors. It's like staring into the sun. Too much damages your eyes and makes you blind. It doesn't matter what you wear if you're not really confident. It's all superficial. Illusion doesn't become reality just because you wish it would.

Maybe we were supposed to come across as pure? That's a cultural thing, isn't? At least, that's what my mom told me. Oh, my agency didn't allow my band to date. So none us had anyone to be jealous like that. According to my mom, I had it easier than she did when she was a singer.

It's not. Life usually isn't. It's how you handle it that counts.

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