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OOC: Profile

Name: Misaki Aoi
Age: 15
Occupation: Student/florist clerk/ making clothing or cosplay for others
Character PB/Icon: Lacus Clyne

Character history: Born on April 16 in the town of Chihayaakasaka, Osaka. She is the third child in the family behind her Eldest brother, her elder sister and her younger sister. Misaki’s mother is the dean of history in a smaller college in Osaka, while her father focuses on folk tales and the study of plant life. Her brother, Kenji, is a florist that she works for on the weekends and has been married for a year. Her older sister Minami is a law student, while her younger sister is studying in school.
Misaki pretty much grew up around old stories and has a fascination with Anime, old folk tales, and fashion. As a child she became interested in clothing after her sister took her to a fashion show for the high school. Her love for the shows coupled with her love of fashion has made her yearn for a life as a designer. However her mother feels that this is no way to go in life and has made it clear that she doesn’t want her focusing on a fashion as a career. Misaki’s relationship with her mother is not one that she feels very confident about, and because of the way her mother sees her older sister, she has rebelled against the “Proper” form of a girl.

Due to the issues with her family, Misaki dyed her hair pink and wears blue color contacts as a means of rejecting her Mother’s view on the right type of girl. Her hope is to one day be able to own her own store where she can sell her clothing and eventually be successful enough to show her mother that she can make a living with her dream. Misaki is not very close to her sister Minami, but she dotes on Kenji who she tends to base her views on guys. She has a soft spot for Voice actors, and tends to like a boy based on the sound of their voice. She has a large collection of anime and games in her room and her walls are covered in drawings and posters. She also likes soft stuffed animals, particularly rabbits. Usagi is her online name.

Personality: Misaki is out going and personable. She’s very optimistic and has what one can call Misaki Vision. The vision is that she can’t see the bad in people, even the worst gets seen as some good in them, (killers are probably the only sort of person she can’t see good in), and thus she sees what she wants to in some cases. Energetic and determined Misaki can be rather excitable and hyper. She tends to make friends easily and wants to be friends with everyone she meets, though this isn’t always success and she can annoy people that don’t enjoy her more exuberant greetings. She also can become easily depressed when she feels that others are looking down upon her, but will stand up to those picking on others, even though she’ll probably fail. She’s an average student.

Appearance: Standing at only 5’3” Misaki has naturally brown hair and brown eyes, but wears blue contacts and has died her hair pink. She wears a barrette on the side of her head and her style of clothing tends to be very girly with a lot of pastels. Best way to describe it is it’s a cross of Cute Lolita mixed with Fairy Kei and Dolly Kei. Fairy Kei is bright pastels with accessories that are bright bold colors and Dolly kei takes on the idea of medieval and fairy tale story styles (longer skirts, embroidery etc.). She tends to wear clothing she’s made, usually with a hint of pink, blue, white and red in it somewhere. Misaki likes to wear flats or small heeled shoes, rather than gym shoes, though she will wear sneakers. Not a fan of jeans prefers skirts and dresses or leggings with long shirts.

Possible weapon: Sewing kit that’s in the shape of a small purse. It has various odds and ends in it from scissors to thread, needles to patches of fabric. (Not sure if this can qualify as a weapon or not.)

Accessory: Barrette that she clips to her hair. It was a gift from her brother and she’s worn it since grade school. It’s supposed to be gold leaves.

Primary Element: FIRE
Secondary Element: Wind
Arcana: Sun

Does your character know martial arts: Nope! Not a chance in hell.

Does your character practice sports: Now but she bakes a mean cookie!

Has your character suffered a major injury in the past that would lower their physical capacity: Other than Mommy issues, not really. She’s had bumps and bruises but nothing too serious that I can think of. Although her finger tips have callouses from sewing, drawing and playing games.